Besides legal representation, you and your business may find the need for other services provided by Nguyen Law. Whether it is consulting or tranlating and interpreting work, Nguyen Law will leverage its experience to help you succeed.

Business Consulting

Nguyen Law provides high-caliber services for your business to succeed. We concentrate our business consulting services to assist you with your business needs locally and internationally.

Nguyen Law can identify areas for your business to improve, such as marketing, operations, finance, and accounting. Contact Nguyen Law to help you change your business plan and mission so that you can operate at your fullest potential.

If your business is looking to expand internationally, Nguyen Law's experience and contacts in Europe and Asia can help you compete in two of the world's largest economies. Turn to Nguyen Law for assistance in identifying local consumer needs, a local partner, and navigating local law. Nguyen Law will ensure that your products will be manufactured, exported, and imported efficiently and in all compliance with all laws. Contact Nguyen Law to help you with your business' international needs at a reasonable rate.

Language Services

Nguyen Law provides langauge services between English and Vietnamese. With a growing Vietnamese population, you may find that your business is in need for translation or interpretation services to ensure that everyone understands each other.

Nguyen Law provides on-site and live interpretation in a variety of industries, such as medical, legal, and social services. Nguyen Law has many years of experience interpreting for depositions, court proceedings, medical appointments, surgeries, and social service appointments. If your interpreting needs do not require on-site and live interpretation, services can be provided over the phone. This may be suitable because of geopgraphic and time constraints.

Nguyen Law also provides translation services between English and Vietnamese. Nguyen Law can translate your documents and websites in a variety of methods and software choices. Many times, you may not understand information provided to you in the other language. Contact Nguyen Law to help you translate the information so that you are fully informed.