About Us

Nguyen Law strives to providing quality local and global solutions to any legal or business issue. Nguyen Law is headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA, but with experience and contacts reaching around the globe, Nguyen Law is able to assist with any challenges no matter where it arises. Our goal is to resolve your problems creatively with an affordable result.

Legal Services

Nguyen Law is responsive, prompt, and effective when providing you legal representation. Because of the wide range of experiences, Nguyen Law is able to help you in a variety of areas, such as Business Services, International Services, Family Law & Private Client Services, Immigration, Wills, Trusts & Estates, Real Estate, and Bankruptcy.

Nguyen Law is able to respond to your business needs locally and globally. Contact us whether it involves commercial agreements with suppliers locally, or joint ventures with partners internationally.

If a legal issue arises in your private life, whether it be with your family and children, a relative wants to visit, or you have encountered financial problems, Nguyen Law can help and ease the worry.


There are times when your business needs more than just legal representation. Whether your business is expanding internationally and is in need of a local partner, or looking to understand the local playing field in a foreign country, Nguyen Law is able to provide your business with these services to better place you in a position to compete.

With experiences in Europe and Asia, consult with Nguyen Law before your business dives in head first without testing the waters. Nguyen Law can help you make the waters more warmer and comforting. Nguyen Law has local knowledge and contacts that can help you expand your business successfully.

Language Services

Nguyen Law provides interpreting and translating services between English and Vietnamese. David Nguyen has many years of experience in interpreting and translating in a variety of areas, including medical, legal, and social services. David Nguyen has interpreted in depositions, court proceedings, medical appointments, surgeries, and a variety of social service appointments. David Nguyen is able to provide interpreting services live and on-site upon request. Phone interpretation is available if geography and time constraints are an issue.

David Nguyen is also able to assist with your translating needs of documents and websites from English to Vietnamese and vice-versa. The translation can be delivered to you in a variety of manners at your request, including electronic and hard copies, and in a variety of software choices.

Please do not hesitate to contact David Nguyen for your language needs.